AT&T SE Announced it’s 2013 Fiscal Year Surplus

All the files are in .pdf format so if you don’t have a reader you might want to consider updating your computer browser to include Adobe Reader which is a free download.

Local 3122 Surplus: (Displacement Date 3/30/13)

Miami – Electronic Technician: 7

Perrine – Electronic Technician: 2

North Dade – Electronic Technician: 2

Florida Complete List

Other States:

Alabama – 1Q2013 CWA SE Surplus Declaration_Alabama

Georgia – 1Q2013 CWA SE Surplus Declaration_Georgia

Mississippi – 1Q2013 CWA SE Surplus Declaration_Mississippi

Louisiana – 1Q2013 CWA SE Surplus Declaration_Louisiana

Kentucky – 1Q2013 CWA SE Surplus Declaration_Kentucky

North Carolina – 1Q2013 CWA SE Surplus Declaration_North Carolina

South Carolina – 1Q2013 CWA SE Surplus Declaration_South Carolina

Tennessee – 1Q2013 CWA SE Surplus Declaration_Tennessee




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